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Question & Answer

Q: How do I join Energy Wave as a distributor?
A: Apply through this website via the ‘Join now’ button to join Energy Wave as an independent distributor. Alternatively, you can also be invited by another distributor.
Q: What are the perks of becoming an Energy Wave distributor?
A: Being an Energy Wave’s distributor allows you to have hands-on experience in managing a business. Moreover, choosing this career path offers you an attractive compensation package, flexible working hours, and the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives.
Q: Do I have to pay a membership fee to join Energy Wave?
A: No. Joining Energy Wave as a distributor is free of charge.
Q: How can I receive news and updates on Energy Wave products and events?
A: We send a copy of the e-newsletter monthly to our distributors. Also, we have allocated trainers to conduct regular product and business training sessions. Alternatively, you can check this website and our Facebook page for the latest news and information.
Q: Is direct selling an effective marketing method?
A: Word-of-mouth selling allow sellers to engage with their customers on a personal level by gauging what they truly need. It is a meaningful sales and marketing method as the products are introduced to people after sellers have tried and tested themselves and recognize the value and philosophy of the brand.

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